Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Megan's cake

MissM shares her house with four friends
and it has been such fun getting to know them.
It was Megan's birthday this weekend
and there was a party in the house
(with balloons, fairy lights and jelly)
which went on until ...ahem...late.
An urgent request for raspberry torte
was received and gladly delivered.
There are so many happy memories
associated with this cake recipe
and now there is one more.

Happy Birthday lovely Megan...
may this year bring wonderful things.


  1. This cake needs a name: the young friends' torte ... the happy torte ... TorteM. yes, TorteM is probably my favourite, although technically not a coffee torte (srry MisterM).

  2. I love the idea of an urgent raspberry torte.

  3. Please can you share the recipe? Thank you so much

  4. Happy birthday to Megan! How lovely of you to provide emergency torte! xx

  5. How lucky MissM is that Mum is able to deliver emergency torte. My mum would have to take a trip to M&S!
    Ali whale

  6. What Nicky said. Recipe, plz.


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