Tuesday, 28 January 2014


My hotel room faced east
towards the sea horizon
and each day I woke early
to watch the sun rise.

At first I thought about
the changes I have made
since the last time I saw
the sun rise over Spain

but it is impossible
to look backwards
at sunrise and so I sat,
waiting for morning,

watching the beautiful bay
and the little town of Nerja
which I have learned to love
become flooded with light.


  1. That really is a beautiful sunrise. xx

  2. Beautiful photos. I visited Nerja once when I was cycling through Spain. I'd been to Granada, and it was lovely to see the sea again. It was brilliant cycling downhill from Granada to the coast. Agony cycling up there in the first place though. You've brought back lots of memories for me.

  3. Very similar to what we have here. It's lovely, Fabio shoots a lot of sunrises, they're breathtaking.

  4. Be still my beating heart.

  5. I love these lines "but it is impossible / to look backwards / at sunrise". Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures as well.


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