Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Villa Giulia

Let's flick through my pictures of the Villa Giuilia.

It is just across the road on the Via Flaminia
and the Director invited me to join
a special tour for the new award holders.
How could I say no?

Don't you love that scooter?
That's the thing about using a phone camera
you are never quite sure what will be in the picture.

They are not the best photos I have ever taken...
I was following an award winning photographer
with a huge camera and lens combination.
Guaranteed to make you feel inadequate.

This is the Nymphaeum for alfresco dining.
It is very mossy and subterranean
but I bet it was a great place for a party.
Apparently Pope Julius would arrive by boat
and settle down for an all day picnic.
I suppose that even Popes need to relax.

I was going to photograph the other Neptune
but the flagrant cornucopia
made it Quite Impossible.

You have to imagine the soundtrack:
gasps of pleasure from the architecture students
and sighs from the Etruscan students
who want to get inside and look at Etruscan treasures.

Such a cute lion.
Quite curvaceous and curly.
Next time I go to Rome I will photograph
a menagerie of stone animals.

You can skip this photo.
I have an obsession with topiary.
Don't panic...
it's not affecting everyday life...

This is the Villa Poniatowski
open to us by special arrangement.
We weren't allowed to photograph inside
so read this delightful blog post
by bluetortoiseconservation
Their photos are better than mine too.


  1. We spent a day at the Villa Giulia when we were in Rome last year - it's such a beautiful place full of fascinating objects. Did you see the terracotta votive wombs?

    Am sooo jealous of your Roman sojourn :)

  2. Is it me or that lion is in "say cheese" mode in that shot ...

  3. And that's my scooter! (mine is grey, I hate white both for cars and scooters, albeit being so IN now)

  4. We keep trying to plan a visit to Rome to show the girls, but somehow other commitments get in the way. We must, we must, we MUST go back!

  5. a menagerie of stone animals.
    oh yes please.

  6. I am stunned by the beauty, thank you.


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