Friday, 31 January 2014

what the commuter saw


It is midwinter in the city
and the trees are bare.

2 January
Royal Festival Hall, South Bank

Commuters are muffled in hats and scarves,
attempting to face down the rain.

29 January
Waterloo Bus Station

Every coffee shop is a temptation
promising hot drinks and comfort food.

16 January
Le Pain Quotidien, South Bank

There is a spare, angular beauty
in the urban landscapes of winter

13 January
Westminster from the South Bank

but when the sky and the river are grey
I long for a jolt of colour

27 January
Waterloo Station

and I seek shelter from the wind
in the arcades and interior spaces.

30 January
Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall

Despite the weather I feel the energy
of the city preparing for another day

15 January
Cyclists at the IMAX

and I am always delighted
by unexpected glimpses of the Eye.

13 January
London Eye, South Bank

And there are those mornings
when London looks drop-dead gorgeous.

And they are worth waiting for.

2 January
City of London from Waterloo Bridge


  1. This makes me want to enquire if you have run into Terry and Julie at all on your travels?

  2. OK - had to Google this one.

    Jules gets the MrsM award for Comment of the Day but I'm afraid it is not the best weather for Waterloo Sunsets.

  3. Beautiful pictures, despite the grey, they have a great atmosphere to them. xx

  4. I am loving how you are finding beauty in the grey. and how that hint of pink in the sky makes the grey sing x

  5. top stuff - good roll call of January

  6. I can tell from the pictures it is a city you love, beautifully captured.

  7. Utterly lovely. I knew exactly what Jules meant!

  8. Beautiful winter photos, you have captured the city so well.

  9. I've been checking your weather as we are coming out of the deep freeze - my god but it rains a lot there.
    Lovely sights, though. I like this new commute of yours.

  10. Beautiful, beaufitul, beautiful.


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