Monday, 3 February 2014

[Winter Sun]

I bring good news!
There are signs of Spring...

fragrant witch hazel, cheerful aconite
and snowdrops in the lee of a tree stump.

You need to know where to look
because they are tucked away

but once you have seen them
there is no going back,
winter is vanquished.

This weekend I came across a word
I had never heard before...

the warmth of the sun
on a cold winter's day.

I felt that warmth this weekend
as we searched for signs of spring.
Winter, be gone with you.


  1. Oh Alice, in my neck of the woods there's a little too much sunshine... 35-40 degree days that go on and on, with the garden resembling a sad dried dustbowl. Enjoy your early glimpses of Spring.

  2. It was warm yesterday, but I hate to tell you, I don't think Winter is quite done with us yet. Hope I'm wrong though.

  3. It is so lovely to see these signs of spring coming, amazing to see the crocuses out already. xx

  4. Winter never really go there, in spite of all the madness going on around Italy (floods, collapses, snowmageddons up north). I fear we'll skip to scorching summer too soon ...

  5. if that winter sun could come without being accompanied by a howling gale that chills you to the core, then maybe I could beel hopeful.

  6. feel hopeful. not beel hopeful. or perhaps I tried to write be hopeful. I rarely know what my thoughts are these days, they just end up on the screen.

  7. Here in Texas, cold, gray, windy day . . . but the red maple, that big sexy tree, is putting out blossoms, a warm haze on the bare branches, can spring be far behind? Maples don't lie!

  8. send it down here!! We've had more than enough 40+ degree days and no rain.

    I think everyone's sick of their respective weather!

  9. A good word! A rare hint of apricity today.... And I spotted some snowdrops. Now it's raining again


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