Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dreaming in Indigo

Refresh (1999)

This is the work of Kenneth Noland (1924 - 2010),
an American Colour Field painter,
the geometric advances of Bauhaus
meeting the powerful colour of Matisse.

Blue Veil (1963)

Noland took the circular target form
and used it to develop his theories of colour.
His startling originality was based
on the stark simplicity of line
and dramatic bands of intense colour.


Noland is quoted as saying:
"Usually I throw away
what I don't get right
the first time."

How did he know what was 'right'
when nothing like that had been done before?
It must have been pure self-belief.

Bridge (1962)

This week I have been preparing applications
for the Derek Hill Foundation Scholarship.
The applicants are artists over the age of 24
and they send 10 images of their work
in drawing or painting which I collate
into a presentation for the selection panel.
It is like having my own private art gallery.

Gift (1962)

Each of the artists has a distinct style,
a sense of creative direction.
It is their voice.

Where does self belief come from?
I have no idea but I am going to try
to absorb that powerful confidence
into my own artistic vocabulary.


  1. Self-belief isn't in my vocabulary - I so admire those that have this ability.

  2. Oh, that has to be one of my favourite posts!

  3. You get all the good jobs, don't you?

  4. Wow, I do love these.
    It is interesting to watch M developing her voice -- some people have not liked her project, and wanted her to go a different way. A recent email from a professor expressing confidence in the project and in M has helped, but she really did have a sense of what she wanted to do before.
    I bet you do, too.

  5. Practice, an artist's style and their belief in themselves seems to be as much about practice as anything else. If you practice confidence, it becomes easier, if you practice your art, you can't help but develop your own voice, your own style. Sometimes it's good to practice not arguing for your limitations!


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