Friday, 28 February 2014

what the commuter saw


It rained. And rained.

3 February
The man who sweeps Trafalgar Square

I tried to embrace the grey.
I really tried.

20 February
London Eye, South Bank

I looked for light,

6 February
Odeon, Leicester Square : Tube Strike day

waited for action,

10 February
Westminster from the Jubilee Bridge

searched for quirky signs,

19 February
Great Scotland Yard
Thanks to @Silverpebble for her tweet
"The sign warns of Mr Darcys in the road"

enjoyed unexpected angles,

20 February
Nelson's Column from St. Martin in the Fields

but a camera craves light.
Even a humble phone camera.

12 February
Horse Guards, after the storm

When clouds break, just for a moment,
it is the familiar scenes
which I enjoy the most.

5 February
National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

And I fall in love all over again
with the drama and energy of London
in the early morning.

26 February
City of London from Embankment Pier


  1. All very nice shots but that one, that ray of light ... love it!

  2. Beautiful photos of this most beautiful of cities. I know what you mean about the early morning energy and drama. A whole world full of possibilities. Wonderful.

  3. i'm glad you work where you do and enjoy sharing photos. Lovely. And i especially enjoy Ms Pebble's comment!

  4. Waking cities have a very special atmosphere - you have captured it here!

  5. your photos make me homesick for London!

  6. Early morning shots of a city just wakening - excellent. We are so lucky having such a beautiful capital.

  7. I open your pictures in a new tab and that enlarges them beautifully, allowing me to enjoy them even more. Thank you so much Alice.


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