Tuesday, 25 February 2014

winter trees

In the woods the evidence of storms is plain,
shattered stumps, hastily sawn trunks,
ripped branches, exposed roots.

I am reminded of the terrible storm of 1987
when I saw an entire grove uprooted,
and mourned for the loss of them
as they lay parallel to the wind blast.

The arboretum manager was philosophical
and said that it was an opportunity to replant
but that he would not make hasty decisions,
he would get used to the space first.

It feels as though my own world
has undergone a similar dramatic change,
the frenetic, noisy pace I was used to
replaced by a slower, quieter life.

Sometimes I am impatient with myself because
it is taking longer than I anticipated
to adjust to this new lifestyle
but I am trying to get used to the space
before filling my hard won days with activity.
It is good advice.


  1. Good advice indeed. Love the dramatic pictures - very Hitchcockian.

  2. There's always ironing ... ahem ... if you have spare time.

  3. Lovely pictures, sensible advice -- thanks, Alice!


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