Monday, 17 February 2014

after the storm

What is nicer than a sunny Sunday
with no particular place to go?
You can potter around the kitchen
polishing, rearranging, enjoying.
Take a mug of coffee and biscuit
and wander around the garden
dreaming of summer flowers.

Leek and potato soup, crunchy bread,
and bright orange satsumas for lunch.
Then wrap up with hats and scarves
and walk out into the sunshine,
feeling that warmth on your face
and watching the infectious joy
of a small boy kicking a ball
under the high blue February sky.

After a week of feeling fragile
it is so good to be busy again.


  1. So glad to hear some sun shone on your land as well. Looked quite frightening over the nes the past week so, phew. And good to hear you coudl enjoy a nice walk in said sunshine! Feel better.

  2. Your blog ate my comment - perhaps it was a quality control issue because I'd only said 'I'm glad you're feeling better' and some innocuous thing about sunshine being the best tonic…. Must try harder.

  3. My thoughts exactly - yesterday was bliss, dry and still - no wind raging, no rain lashing - it was a pleasure to be outside for a change.

  4. so glad you're feeling better and the sun is out!
    I love your blue and white china :)

  5. Sounds like a blissful day. Hope you're feeling completely better now.

  6. Such good, simple things. So sorry that last week was challenging x

  7. Good news and lovely images! Sunshine is so healing, don't you find?

  8. MrM sadly underdelivered on his chores list - not for the first time. Am expecting performance management measures to kick in shortly

  9. Oh, that sunshine was bliss! Heals body and soul.


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