Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Herbal Tonic

When I got back from Spain
I needed to cheer myself up

so I filled the house with flowers:
hyacinths, anemones, daffodils.

It marked the end of a crazy month:
Morocco, Italy, Spain.

There are things to look forward to
but for now I am happy
to be under my own roof

( a roof which is not leaking anymore,
thanks to super-quick service
from our local roofing company).


  1. Flowers are a wonder. I splurged on a big bunch of daffodils. Every time I see them I smile, and every night the rest in the cool of the garage, so that they may bring as many smiles as possible. : ) Enjoy!

  2. Flowers really can cheer a multitude of stresses away can't they! xx

  3. How you display your flowers is what I like.

  4. glad you are no longer leaking! we had internal leaking this weekend, through the living room ceiling, I picked snowdrops to cheer myself up.......

  5. Leaking roofs are distressing, our shed is more like a tank with floating detritus after so much rain. At some point roofing felt will be purchased but flowers are so much prettier.

  6. Where would we be without flowers to brighten our days.

  7. Liz in Missouri USAFebruary 05, 2014

    Lovely flowers and some lovely trips lately - but always nice to come home!

  8. Glad you're home (and dry), you've had a lovely adventure I think. What a nice thing to treat yourself to such beautiful flowers. Home is such a good place to be, especially when the weather is wild.


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