Thursday, 27 February 2014

Here is the News...

I broke Kindle the Second today.
By sitting on it. Tragic times.
I know this does not happen to books
but it is neither helpful nor kind
to mention it in my fragile state.
Kindle the Second was almost new.
Kindle the First sighed, faded,
and died quietly of desperation
halfway through 'The Luminaries'.
I sympathised.

I have lost my house keys.
No, I don't know where
because IF I knew where
I had last had them
they wouldn't be lost.
And I have already
turned the house
upside down, inside out
so I would appreciate it
if MrM didn't do it as well.
It is a bit tense here,

On a more postive note,
I have found a wonderful cobbler
inside the Royal Opera Arcade.
I am not going to tell MrM
in case he makes me take
his heavy black oxford shoes
for heels, soles and hobnails
but I will tell MissM.
It might be the only thing
I ever do which impresses her.


  1. Surely MissM is impressed with far more than that.

  2. Dear Alice.
    A novel you MUST pen.
    No ifs. No buts.
    Just do it.

  3. Hobnails for him, a new Kindle for you. Third time lucky.

  4. oh dear................... I'm assuming you've checked the ironing basket and the fridge?

  5. Sounds like you are having a mid life crisis my friend - must remember not to sit on my Kindle (when I get one).

  6. Is it bad that I laughed at the kindle passing?

    1. Oh poor kindle, what can one do but sympathies with both kindle and house keys. My house keys are perpetually missing, even though I always put them in the same place.

  7. Oh dear, if it is any consolation I sat on my reading specs on Monday and didn't manage a replavement pair until today. Good luck with the keys.

  8. Chin up. Tomorrow is another day!

  9. oh dear. I keep losing my phone these days... even the kids are getting fed up.

    Sad about the kindle... (but they're 20% at the moment..)


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