Monday, 20 January 2014

Out in the Fresh Air

A Sunday walk with my parents.

"Let's not waste the sunshine...

we can walk by the river

and up to the top field...

sorry sheep, it's too early for supper.

It's too muddy to walk that way

but look!

The first snowdrops...

and winter flowering jasmine!

Spring is not far away."


  1. Breathtaking landscapes, whoever says Great Britain is gray has never been there and seen its colours when sunshine kisses it.
    Look at your lovely parents, I see you in them. (DUH!)

  2. Lovely to see the blue sky and the snowdrops coming out! Looks as though you had a lovely walk. xx

  3. A beautiful day indeed. Hooray for snowdrops and winter flowering jasmine, we have wintersweet too - the upside of January!

  4. What beautiful winter photos, and how lovely to see shoots and flowers.

  5. How lovely - and such a beautiful day too.

  6. Signs of Spring already!

  7. i'm sorry, but you English people (and Welsh, Scottish & Irish, too) are just spoiled when it comes to winter-spring!! i am green with envy.

  8. I do so hope you're right Alice, even after a lovely sunny couple of days I am heartily sick of winter and we still have one third of January to get through

  9. So lovely! Snowdrops! And winter flowering jasmine! I wonder if that jasmine would grow here in the Pacific Northwest? I'll have to check into it!


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