Thursday, 16 July 2009

Summer Stock

...Tell me (said I) prolifick stock,
Which do'st these fragrant treasures bring,
What is it can such stores unlock,
At Christmas as outvie the spring?

Thus ask'd, the flower of tinctur'd bloome,
Soon blush't into a deeper dye,
Cast stronger odours round the room,
And sweetly breath'd out this reply.

Extract from:
On a double Stock July-flower, full blown in January,
presented to me by the Countess of FERRERS.

Anne Finch, the Lady Winchelsea (1661 - 1720)


I stumble across Anne Finch
while looking for poetry about summer stocks.
I am not sure that the poem is very appropriate
as my double stocks, creamy and heavily scented,
were grown in the summer, as they should be.
I don't even understand most of the poem
which is laden with classical references.
However, I am intrigued by her story
and admire her persistence as a poet
at a time when few women were published.
It forces me to examine my own motivation.

For the first time for two years
I am writing without readers
but that doesn't seem to matter
because the words still organise themselves
and march out onto the screen in neat rows.

I have discovered that for me
writing is as natural as breathing
and that is it is just as essential.

I write for myself.

And why not?


  1. Yes, but you do know we'll look back through the archives, don't you? Lovely to see you back again.

  2. dottycookie's right, you know.


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