Friday, 31 July 2009

The Woman and the Window

MrsM has been busy, busy, busy
since the beginning of July.
She has been feeding her family,

Jan Vermeer
The Milkmaid

reading books,

Delfin Enjolras
Young Woman Reading by a Window

even cleaning floors.

Sister Osithe
Woman at Window

After a while MrsM started to feel lonely...

Edward Hopper
Hotel Window

so she tweaked the curtain
and peeked into Blogland.

Johann Georg Meyer
Young Woman looking through a Window

Everyone else was having lots of summer fun
and after some thought,
MrsM decided to write a sequel to The Magpie Files.

Robert Kipniss
Woman at Window

MasterM has nearly finished his Gap Year
and MissM is starting her last year at school;
it is a new phase in the life of our family.

Before MrsM knew what was happening
she was writing again.

Henri Lebasque
Femme Ecrivant

It is time to throw open the window
here at ChezMagpie
and let in the morning sunshine.

Edward Hopper
Cape Cod Morning

Thank you once again for all the very kind comments
at the end of The Magpie Files -
I was overwhelmed by your generosity
and hope that I managed to reply to everyone.

If you want to join in again
you will be most welcome.


  1. From one Mrs M to another - welcome back! Hoorah! Beautiful choice of pictures, as always. Cat x

  2. I had just brought myself to Files for one last unbelieving visit, and there was resurrection. I was renewed! Your humour has been my daily inspiration in midst of Forsterian muddles, and I have just this week attempted to flatter through imitation, though commenting is still a new skill, and this is admittedly my second attempt! Oh the joy of reading you still!

  3. Very pleased that the sunshine found you and you decided to share it with us again.

  4. Glad, glad, glad.

    But that higgledy-piggledy brick/tile floor must be a nightmare to clean...

  5. How lovely to see you!

    I was thinking of you just yesterday.

  6. It's like coming home. Hooray.

  7. So all my wishing and hoping worked--you're back--hooray! K x

  8. Oh happy day, Alice!
    Bobby x

  9. Hurrah! That's all, but it bears repeating - hurrah!

  10. hippee!!

    welcome back. I really missed your writing. It's soothing, you know?

  11. Hello, hello, hello !

    What's going on here ?

  12. You can't keep a good woman down - especially one who has such a keen eye for art and verse. I am glad to have rediscovered you in this new guise. Welcome back!

  13. Here I am ..

    thank goodness you are here too..

  14. How wonderful to see you and what a gorgeous, bijou little gallery to start your new venture. As soon as I saw the Vermeer I knew there'd be more magic. I feel rather giddy that you're back x

  15. Hurrah! Very happy to see the return indeed
    To the googelyreader!

  16. Alice, dear Alice - welcome back! We've missed you so :o)

  17. You couldn't stay away, could you...and I was, just this minute, thinking on you!

  18. Ah, yesssssssssss! Edward Hopper..... not once but TWICE! good to see you back. :O)

  19. Hallelujah, Alice! I haven't checked at the Magpie Files in weeks, but tonight I thought - I'll just re-read her last post.

    I'm so glad you're back, for however long it might be.

  20. I'm so happy to be able to join you again Alice.

  21. Hurray!!!!!! Beautiful pictures, lovely words - Alice is back!!!!!

  22. thank you for sharing your morning sunshine with us again Alice, I missed you

  23. Hello, hello -- you're back! (This is readersguide)

  24. Oh thank god. Really, I took such a big breath out then.

    The new blog looks beautifully simple - I love the design.

    I am beyond happy to have you back - Ali is right - like coming home.

  25. Oh how extraordinary lovely to find this surprise!

    I too, went for one last look at the magpie files and lo and behold ....

    I echo the compliments of homecoming.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  26. Heh. I went for one last look at The Magpie File, too and found you again! Glad you're back and enjoying blogging.

  27. I am sitting here with the biggest grin on my face. Like I am the cat that just ate the canary. Hello again!

  28. Welcome back Alice.

    Trust me to arrive late!

  29. Well look at this!!!!!!!!!!

    You have no idea how much I missed your blog. Wooooohooooo!!!!

    Wait a minute...does this mean that you might continue "Just for the Record" ?

    I am now giving you a big kiss on each cheek and a big hug too xxxx

  30. oh yeeehaaaa, we have you back!!!!!
    Am thrilled, delighted, relieved.
    I can't belive how many times I checked in to The Magpie files even though I knew you had flown.
    Welcome back Alice, with big wide open arms

  31. Thank you for coming back!
    Really missed you...

  32. Yay! You just made my day! Welcome back Alice! I have missed you :)

  33. I'm delighted to see that you're back, and in lovely form, as always. Thank you for making each day just a little brighter with your cheering words and photos!

  34. so glad to see you back!

  35. Ah ha - the other Mrs C has found you again! So pleased!


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