Thursday, 14 July 2011

Living the Dream

Any dream worth having
is going to involve hard work...

moving to Provence means:
leaving jobs
selling a home
packing up
saying goodbye to friends and family
viewing multiple unsuitable houses
until you find the one with the view...

but when you sit on the terrace
looking out over your own olive grove
and relax in the Provencal sun
all the challenges melt away
and you are living the dream.

A number of my friends
have been making their dreams come true:

Glen and Mary, who have moved to Provence
Rachel, who has found "The House"
Emma, who is making her jewellery business grow
Kim, who has successfully defended her thesis.

You have to be brave to dream
and then work hard
to make your dream become a reality

Their stories are inspirational.

As Kim said to me the day after:
"Wow - it actually happened!"

Many thanks to Glen and Mary
who made us so welcome in their beautiful home.
They are the most generous and thoughtful of hosts.
I am too embarrassed to admit how much I slept.


  1. I love you.
    I do.
    But you just CANNOT tell me these things.

  2. Oh. My. What an incredible spot.

  3. Oh my word, that incredible view, the table set for breakfast, beyond lovely, can I be rude/nosy and ask what the china is, it is beautiful.

  4. perfect view of the N100 or the Voie Domitienne - Romans sure knew where to put a decent road.

    Bet MrsM would still have liked to drive the chariot ...

  5. PS for the express avoidance of doubt I am not trying to imply, infer or in any way impute that MrsM has any resemblance to Boadicea (or Boudicca) - having said that it would be an unwise person (eg DHL) who would choose to mess with her ...

  6. Ahhh...yes...sleep. And dreams. In such a delicious place.

  7. We all need our dreams - and plenty of sleep! That is the most wonderful view your friends have.

  8. What a lovely post--and your poetry is wonderful! Thank you!

  9. Gee ... I away from the laptop 2 days and ALL of this happens ...
    I'm here, jaw dropped for many reasons ... MissM ... Provence ... delicious food ... gorgeous homes ...

  10. I envy you your much-sleeping; I am SO overtired! And stupid. I clicked on the name Rachel in this post, thinking "Ooh, there's another Rachel who has found her house!" only to find you meant me......

    If my French wasn't so irredeemably poor, I could have considered Provence. But nice of you to show us. Any pictures of you in the chariot?.

  11. it is true that to live our dreams it takes much plodding before they are in full flight

  12. ...and yet it means I'm unable to blog quite so much.

    What a beautiful place. Don't be embarrassed about the sleeping. It's what people do when they're relaxed.


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