Wednesday 25 January 2012

Tweetilicious Jenny

In the end I didn't go to Spain...

...and I want to put on record
my gratitude to Jenny
who has been tweeting
wonderful photos and words
from the beaches and mountains.

I can't be there this year
but Jenny's tweets from Nerja
have brought Andulusian sunshine
back to my office and made me smile.

Thank you Jenny!

All photos by @J_Kynaston for use by @RHULGeography


  1. I am sorry that you cannot be there. I cannot imagine such loveliness.
    Your J. is a jewel.

  2. I do hope all is OK. Those photos are so good to see.

  3. I hope you are basking in the sunshine of having MasterM at home. In spite of orc comments.

  4. There will be other trips...other times.
    And, for you,
    Spain is like,
    New Jersey, I'm afraid,
    for me.

  5. Jersey ... (giggle)
    I have loads of oranges too right now, my daily vitamin A intake is amazing these days.

  6. What a wonderful post Alice, i love being tweetilicious. Hopefully you will be tweeting alongside me next year in the sun. Thank you for the smile, Jenny K xxx


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