Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Triple Bill

Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano in 'Concerto'
© Dave Morgan

It is an exciting time to be watching ballet at the Royal Opera House. Principals Stephen McRae and Sarah Lamb form a scintillating partnership, exceptional athleticism combined with a star quality which transcends the rigorous demands of choreography. The energy of these young dancers is mesmerising, filling the vast gilt and plush auditorium, so that people around you are concentrating hard, following every nuance. We went to see 'Triple Bill' which contrasted classic works 'Rhapsody' by Frederick Ashton and 'Gloria' by Kenneth MacMillan with a new piece 'Tetractys' by Wayne McGregor. I am frustrated by how little I know about the history and technique but am grateful to the lovely Enthusiastic Professor who shares her passion for ballet so generously. The pictures illustrating this post are not from 'Triple Bill' but they capture the glow of McRae and Lamb which was obvious even to me as a novitiate, sitting high in the upper circle, absorbed in the complexities of the ballet.

Stephen McRae in 'Concerto’
© Johan Persson

P.S. I am also very frustrated by the fact that I do not own anything glamorous enough to wear to the ballet. I need more silk, more velvet, more pearls. I am working on that too.


  1. I went to the Triple Bill too but that night Natalia Osipova had been concussed in the matinee and Thiago Soares taken ill so they had to cancel Tetractys. The good news is we have a partial refund to put towards The Dream. Nobody looked very glamorous in the audience sadly.

  2. I love ballet.
    But it's nowhere near to be enjoyed.
    As usual.

  3. Oh, I took my favourite clothes to go to the Royal Ballet recently, then was unwell and couldn't hoo! So glad you enjoyed it. What wonderful photgraphs.


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