Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Things you need to know

If there is a fire alarm
we have to gather under
the Duke of York's column.
I'm not bragging but
my Fire Assembly Point is bigger
than your Fire Assembly Point.


At the base of this column there is a tiny grave stone for Giro the alsatian who died in 1934. Giro was the much loved companion of the German ambassador Herr L. von Hoesch in 8-9 Carlton House Terrace, now home of the Royal Society, which housed the German Embassy before the war. The ambassador himself died two years later and his funeral cortege was awarded full military honours as it travelled through London en route to Dover. If you watch this YouTube clip you will see the procession go down the steps in my photograph with the coffin covered by the Nazi flag.


Thank you for all your comments recently,
I wanted to hug every single one of you
for the smiles you have left in my comment box
but I have been fully engaged cooking for MasterM.
He is now back in Tanzania being looked after by
Rafiki the Cook and VeryNice the Housekeeper,
I hope that they don't spoil him.

A particular welcome to Barb and Laura from Virginia,
such generous and unexpected comments!
Squeeze up everyone, make room on the sofa.

Thanks to sweet Paola who comments every day
and leaves sunshine from Positano behind.
I think I owe you a paeony, Paola,
I'm working on it.



  1. I wonder why he was given such a grand send-off.

  2. Your fire assembly point is WAY more interesting than mine, which is in the car park by the hedge, near the scaffolding place and the perpetually burning fire they have going!
    It is an interesting clip. You can't help wondering if it would have been the same had he died 4 years later.

  3. Yes, our car park is definitely not inspiring... How you must look forward to fire drills! And thank YOU, I rarely comment as I catch up late in the evening but your words are so gentle, often thought provoking and so often make ME smile, a lovely way to end the day

  4. My darling, my list of blogs has shrunken but my day will not start properly if I don't check your blog, and Bb's. Just can't. Sun indeed ... LOTS of it.

  5. And I have been suffering from blog entrophy, if you believe in such a thing. It all came about after a road trip from here to Stava/Trento in Italy, where I fell in love with mountains. This is the small Welshwoman who left home to be free of mountains...I ask you!

  6. Ps, I worked for twenty years in an accountancy practise and I still don't know where the fire point is.


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.