Wednesday, 18 June 2014

what the commuter saw


A selection of photos for you
from my walks to and from work.

London at the start of summer.

10 June
Hawk patrol, Trafalgar Square

28 April
Trafalgar Square (before the crowds arrive)

30 April
Queue for the bus, Trafalgar Square, Tube Strike day

22 May
Piccadilly Arcade, early morning

22 May
Athenaeum Club, Waterloo Place

(Linnet in Oriel - this one is for you!)

22 May
Platform 20, Waterloo Station

4 June
Piccadilly Circus

12 June
Orange capsule, London Eye

19 May
Waterloo Bridge

MrM tells me that 'enjoy' is a transitive verb
and that I must not use it as an imperative.


  1. I have no idea what MrM is talking about but I love your photos, especially Piccadilly Circus.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, thank you.

  3. If I understood what Mr M was on about I would pass comment! xx

  4. Think Mr M and my husband might find lots in common. Enjoyed a taste of London. ;-)

  5. I see some nettles and a cow on my commute to work.

  6. Oh Mrs M. Thank-you so much! Isn't London photogenic. I do hope that extraordinary queue wasn't for your bus. Mr M should have his own blog, on grammar and the ancient art of heckling. xxx
    Shauna. xxx


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