Saturday, 12 July 2014

1 canoe, 2 paddles

Canoeing is not difficult.

You just paddle
in a straight line.

We were awesome.

Except for MrM,
who fell out of the canoe.

I promised not to tell anyone
so can you forget I mentioned it?
~ bisoux bisoux ~


  1. Look how cute you didn't dump him, did you?!

  2. Is that MissM? Very lovely.

  3. Look at that beautiful smile! So nice to see you!

  4. Canoeing - a lovely way to travel - if you can stay in it, that is.

  5. Very gallant of him not to take you along for the dip!

  6. He only did it to amuse you. And us.
    Because that's how sweet our MrM is.

  7. Mr Driftwood did that once, only it was right in the middle of a lake and we were sitting on the shore wondering what would become of him. it was a worry, and then we got another canoe and rescued him.

    I am assuming MrM was reaching into a tree at the time in search of honey which is why he fell in.

  8. Look at you looking so gorgeous! Promise to forget all about Mr M falling in the water.

  9. What! Was I supposed to remember something.........

    Let me think!! xx

  10. Oh dear, I do hope you didn't laugh. Or not too much anyway. CJ xx

  11. I would have laughed like a drain, the misfortune of a husband is always particularly amusing, but now that's out of my system I promise to you remember it for a long time though.


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