Thursday 31 July 2014

Mr Higgledy Garden proposed...

Centaurea 'Blue Ball'



Centaurea 'Classic Romantic'

Nope. Not a clue what this is...

Centaurea - unknown variety

and I accepted...

If I am being completely honest
I caught him at a weak moment
when he was so terrified about talking
in front of the dovegreyreader audience
that he sold me twelve packets of seeds
at an outrageously cheap price.
It is a brutal lesson
not to drink gin in public.

Now I just need a walled garden...


  1. Lovely choices and you met the lovely Benjamin Ranyard too. So far I only have the seed packets.....

  2. The one you don't the US we call it Queen Anne's Lace (I think...It looks a bit like dill too, but I would assume you could tell that by the smell) =)

    1. It looks just like the parsley I've allowed to go to seed. Any of the umbellifers could fit the bill.

  3. Oh my, that wall! I LOVE it!

    I know you put up pictures for dumb me. Thank you my darling.

  4. Mrs M I am shocked that you took advantage of a man overcome by nerves............ although in the case of pretty flowers all's fair in love and gin.......

  5. Mower's ruin ....

  6. Oh that beautiful weathered brick wall. I have some of the same cornflowers as you and I've got black balls as well, although they're more of a dark purple than actual black. CJ xx

  7. What a beautiful garden!
    My favorite is the last photo . . . I needed a walk in the garden this morning, thank you :)
    These flowers are amazing.
    Your new blogging fan, Connie :)

  8. I am with Lucille in thinking that it is Fennel. Have you taseted one of the seeds? That should tell you what it is.

    Your garden is splendiferous, I must see what Mr Higgledy can do for me.

  9. Are the unknown flowers angelica? xx

  10. Lori in TexasAugust 07, 2014

    looks like dill to me.


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