Friday, 1 August 2014

MrM & MrsM live the mojito life

You have been with me to Port Eliot before
so you know what to expect...

It is a very genteel sort of festival,
quirky, relaxed, perfect for families.
The only mud is in the estuary.

Suzy Menkes is at the fashion parade,
Jane Churchill judges the flower arrangements
and Cath Kidston wanders around
taking photos of festival-goers in vintage CK dresses.

The tea cosy competition was displayed
beneath ancestral portraits on panelled walls
and featured an eclectic mixture of styles.
Second prize went to the prison charity, Fine Cell Work.

The food was wonderful.
Here is our meze plate.
Oh, and our empty mojito glasses.

It was hot, hot, hot
and we just pottered around
dropping in to tents to learn how to open oysters,
listening to "debauched estactic rhythms
fusing gypsy jazz with Eastern European swing"
buying lovely festival jewellery,
watching the wild swimming.

I had an intense discussion
on behalf of my willowy friend Val
with the guy from Fortnums
about their record breaking hamper.
Isn't it fab?

My favourite part of the whole weekend
was a panel discussion about Nikolaus Pevsner
featuring his biographer, Susie Harries,
the editor of the recently reissued Cornwall edition,
an academic colleague and a former student who drove him around.
A unlikely topic and even more unlikely panellists at a festival
but a joyous discovery of the work of this remarkable man.

It was all a delicious interlude in real life.
Back to the coal face now.


  1. The Pevsner session was immediately after an hour on Elizabeth Jane Howard whom I had not come across before - interesting juxtaposition for sure.

    Apparently the F&M hamper does not quite qualify for the Guinness Book of Records as is not exactly portable using the handles. This ruling seems a little harsh I feel.

  2. Agree with Mr M about the hamper--such a shame--it's glorious! Indeed the whole event sounds quite glorious. And love the teapot too. xx

  3. Wow! Just wow!

  4. What a blissful interlude. Glad you had a wonderful time. CJ xx

  5. I feel cultured just reading this. Please, please tell me Mr M. wore a cravat and you a floral tea dress. Well you are in my imagination. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed it :-)

    1. I can exclusively reveal that MrM wore his Venice Jazz Club t-shirt.

    2. Not for all three days I hasten to add

  6. It sounds wonderful!! I love the arrangement in the silver teapot! xx

  7. I have consumed some exotic wine so that I have no idea of which you speak. Shall you for give me, please?


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