Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Dahlia Moment

I have a difficult relationship with dahlias.

I would love to have a dahlia border
with every extravagant shape
and the full spectrum of neon colours.

Unfortunately I know myself too well,
I am too lazy to stake floppy stems
and too forgetful to do the earwig patrol.

And so I look forward to late summer
when dahlias burst into flower
but they are an annual reminder
of my own failings as a gardener.

Perhaps next year...


I was sorry to see that Jane Brocket has decided to finish writing on her blog. I met Jane in January 2007 and it was as a result of a conversation with her that I discovered blogs and the window they offered into an inspirational world. At that time I had time to explore and I found such diversity : women creating beautiful work, overcoming challenges, enjoying life with their families, discovering the world around them. There was always a warm welcome in the comment box of these blogs and eventually I found the courage to write my own story. I am grateful to Jane for pointing me in a direction that would ultimately bring me so much creative satisfaction and wish her luck with her new projects.


  1. I love dahlias too, I have a couple in pots, but I don't ever dig them up in autumn (tried that one year and they withered). I just leave them in their pots and ignore them. They don't do too badly, but one of them is a bit earwiggy!

  2. My dahlias are rubbish this year so by not having any you have saved yourself a lot of heartache. I am newly come to Jane's blog so am really disappointed she has decided to stop. I have been going through her archive posts and only wish I had come across her blog earlier. Hey ho - that's me - always late to the party.

  3. don't feel that dahlia's demonstrate you as a failing gardener. rather that they are the mainstay of the country house, and the pride and joy of a team of loyal gardeners who look after them so we can just do the admiring without all the hard work.

  4. AARGH, I have written a comment three times and it won't publish it.

  5. Oh look, it wrote this!
    I just said those dahlias look gorgeous and I feel very bad when someone stops blogging and disappears. Hope this is not the case for your friend.

  6. I used to hate dahlias, thinking their buds rather greasy looking and their petals stiff and unnatural. I thought they smelt funny too. I know they have gained popularity but really I haven't learnt to love them

  7. Nothing wrong with enjoying flowers in other people's gardens--my favorite kind of gardening! And I was very sad to see Jane go too. x

  8. My whole garden is a failure this year. Oh well, we are having a drought, and it also seems that you can't go away for months at a time and come back to a flourishing garden. Bah.

  9. Life is not static and blogging is not a permanent event in our lives. I am sorry to hear that Jane is stopping blogging, I enjoyed her posts.
    The Dahlias are magnificent! I cannot grow anything so I always have to enjoy plants in other people's gardens!

  10. Dahlias don't like my soil, or perhaps my attitude and refuse to grow here. Problem solved.

  11. I have tried and failed to grow dahlias, I don't think they like our soil - more like dirt really! At least we don't have to do the earwig patrol though! xx


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