Monday, 18 August 2014

cup and sun

Scenes from my weekend:

a bowl of nectarines on a windowsill,
a newly framed picture on a kitchen wall,
a jug of white stocks in afternoon sunshine,
a white enamel bowl of oranges,
a posy of summer flowers from my mother.

A multitude of small delights.


  1. I love the white stocks, beautiful. Time to make the most of the nectarines I think, they're lovely at this time of year. CJ xx

  2. Is that an Angie Lewin print? Love her stuff.

  3. Such beautiful pictures--and a print from my favorite printmaker too--bliss. xx

  4. The flowers on the windowsills are so pretty! xx

  5. I do enjoy these glimpses into your home, you have beautiful things.

  6. Love the Angie Lewin...
    and the other delights...
    a delight for me forgot to check your posts for weeks and now there are many!
    Deby (in Canada)


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