Tuesday, 5 August 2014

people I work with

Sir Terry Frost R.A.

Lizard Black

screenprint (1995)
British Academy Collection

This iconic screen print is in the lobby behind reception. I do not love it - my eyes slip over the cool, smooth surface, I am repelled by the pale yellow tones and my heart does not engage with the mathematical abstraction. Nevertheless it is part of my landscape and counterpoints the bustling energy of Gillian Ayres nearby. I don't think Sir Terry Frost would have been offended - better to see and speak honestly than to walk past oblivious.


  1. I second your every word.

  2. I agree, it's very striking, impossible to ignore, but I wouldn't choose to have it in view.

  3. What Paola said. Terry Frost would much rather make you feel uneasy than feel nothing.

  4. oh... I might be weird (I've been told that before) but I like it! It would make a fabulousy quilt!!


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