Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Courgette and Basil Frittata

Take new potatoes from Sunday evening,
half a yellow pepper from the fridge,
summer courgettes and left-over cheese.

Whisk eggs with fork in your favourite bowl
add to frying pan and cook gently,
inhaling fragrance of basil.

All you need now are
sun warmed tomatoes, a pinch of salt
and bright green salad onions.

Also a glass of chilled white wine.

I'm taking it seriously,
this slow-cooking, easy-living thing.


  1. Lovely. That's the kind of thing I'm making at the moment. Somehow I seem to have a courgette glut again. Slice of courgette cake anyone..?

  2. Perfection on a dish. And glass.

  3. Delicious !
    There's nothing so wonderful as the smell of Basil ... the herb , I hasten to add .


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