Sunday, 14 November 2010

The weight of light

At times in certain places
the light has weight beyond its normal measure -

dense, thick, heavy,

rich with an abundance of warmth and color.

It soaks into the world it falls on,
re-illuminating it from within

so that the texture of air, of streets, of faces
etch crystalline images indelibly

in memories of living presence...

extract from "The weight of light"
Manuel GarcĂ­a, Jr.

Photos :
St. Andrew, Thornhaugh


  1. gosh you got up earlier this morning!

    Lovely words and photos... I heard somewhere recently ( I think it was QI.. ehm ehm..) that light is invisible, paradoxically, and we only see 'it' and 'things' because of the things it hits.

    I think I prefer your version.

  2. The perfect Sunday morning post, thank you.

    PS. word verification: blessi

  3. Beautiful photos, Alice. Perfect after thought to the Remembrance service Mother-in-law and I ave been watching from the window of her bedroom as it's too cold for her to attend.

  4. Beautiful.

    And I? Am hungover.

  5. Perfect.

    We are off to watch Tall Small singing in a Remembrance Day concert this evening. I have no idea how I am going to retain my composure.

  6. Gorgeous images to match perfect words.

    We watched the Cenotaph parade here at home having sent Pr.C-W out into the rain to take part w the Scouts in our Hilltop Parade and Service.

    She said it was worth standing in the cold & wet for an hour. Bless her.


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