Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Miss Maisie takes charge

When you first met Miss Maisie
she was four months old.
She chatted a lot then
and not much has changed.
It is after lunch on Sunday...
Miss Maisie waves her hand imperiously.

"You can be my daughters
and I will tell you what to do.
Daughter Ursula, you can roll the red PlayDoh
and I will make patterns on it."

"Daughter Alice, you can roll out the blue Playdoh
and make a dog shape for Archie.
I know it looks like a hippopotamus
but he doesn't know that."

MrsM obediently starts rolling blue Playdoh
and as that very particular smell drifts up
MrsM feels herself slipping backwards
to a time when her garlic-crusher
was permanently jammed with Playdoh.


  1. It's almonds isn't it? I still have the Playdoh recipe. We got through so much of it I had to go into wholesale manufacturing.

  2. I loved the smell of the bought stuff, but nothing beats making your own and seeing a very unpromising bowlful of ingredients turns in to warm smooth pliable dough. A bit like baking I suppose.

    We had endless playdoh sweetshops. Jar upon jar of lurid lumps of dough for which my girls charged visitors extortionate sums. Sigh.

  3. From Play-Doh to fish pie in one post.

  4. I can't contemplate playdoh without remembering my mantra when my kids were little..."don't mix the colours!". Gosh, I was so OCD about it. Now I use it in lessons with my 6th formers to model neurones and mitochondria and I find myself saying it to them too. We buy the cheap stuff here at school though; the blue leaks dye and they all leave looking like smurfs.

  5. oh no. I'm glad I have the playdo days well and truly behind me.

    The smell is nauseous... and the boys have ruinedmy favourite rolling pin with the stuff.

    Nope. don't miss it.

  6. I'm just waiting patiently for the Playdoh days to return here - I like the smell!

  7. Liz in Missouri (USA)February 13, 2013

    I remember.

  8. My garlic crusher is still clogged with playdough bits and my potato ricer too - though stong biceps are needed to squeeze it through the ricer as Toby likes very long strands! Satisfying though.


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