Thursday, 5 December 2013

3 things and a SECRET

These photographs were taken at
The Olive Branch in Clipsham near Stamford
Totally delicious food - do go if you are in the area.

I saw the lovely Jenny last night
and she was wearing burgundy nail polish.
I was struck by a bad case of the wanties.

I am missing my laptop.
*sad face*
although MrM has sprinkled some magic dust
to organise a SUPER surprise back-up.

I am going to Made & Found THIS Saturday.
I am only telling you this on the following conditions:

* You must arrive AFTER me so I get first choice at the stalls.

* Dottycookie has made all that willow stuff for ME. Back off.

* Do NOT interrupt me when I am buying china.

* This is not Christmas shopping...
 it is TREATS for me MWAHAHAHA

* I get first choice of the cakes.

* Also second choice of the cakes.

Right then...
now we have sorted out the ground rules
here are the details...

See you there


  1. Oh now you're truly provoking me ... watch your back!

  2. love the agression - the thought of cake and lovely goodies does that to some people

  3. I am not going to made and found.
    sad face.
    I am holding a birthday party for Miss K who will be 15. FIFTEEN. how did this happen?
    please have a 3rd piece of cake on my behalf. I can guarantee that I will have need of it......

  4. Liz in Missouri USADecember 05, 2013

    What FUN! Have a lovely time and be sure to carry an umbrella - the better to battle off interlopers!
    Can't wait to see the china finds!

  5. How i wish i could see all of you there

  6. Hopefully they don't take credit cards ...

  7. Hopefully they do.......................... (snigger).

  8. Would love to have seen you there but I'll be selling my wares elsewhere on Saturday morning!

  9. Oh, I so wanted to be there, but I do not travel well so must stay home. Have a mavellous time and then - share what you did and whom you saw - with pictures, please.


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