Thursday 12 December 2013

Meanwhile... South Africa...

MasterM has graduated.

MrM and MrsM open a bottle of champagne
and toast their son and his degree
in accountancy, economics and law
which was taught in Afrikaans,
a language he does not speak.

They are so very proud of him,
this exceptionally determined young man
who makes his dreams come true
by hard work and self belief.

Who knows what will be next?
There will be more adventures,
you can be sure of that,
but now is a time to celebrate
and recognise this achievement.


  1. Oh, raise a glass...raise ten hundred for the beloved son.

  2. Congratulations MasterM! I am bamboozled as to how one undertakes a degree taught in a language one does not speak!

  3. That is excellent news indeed. Goed gedoen Master M.

  4. Congrats to him (that went fast didn't it?)

  5. Liz in Missouri USADecember 12, 2013

    Congratulations to MasterM! I know you must ALL be very, very proud and happy!

  6. And we would say 'goed gedaan, hartelijk gefeliciteerd' Master M and proud parents. cath

  7. Well done Master M....and justly proud parents:)

  8. Three hearty cheers for MasterM!!!! Well done!!!
    (so...i guess he understands the language even though he does not speak it?? i've heard others say this about themselves and other languages. on earth...and all the more impressive!!)

  9. Congratulations Master M... what a star!

  10. Congratulations Master M, and celebrate away Mr and Mrs M!

  11. Well done Master M - sit back and revel in the joy of your product Mr & Mrs M - you don't need me to tell you how wonderful it feels

  12. Dear gods, he did all that in a foreign language? What a clever young man!

  13. ... more flesh eating South American otters?


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