Wednesday, 11 December 2013

MrsM falls in love

Phineas Finn
Illustration by Millais
reproduced from first edition (1869)
published by Virtue and Company

MrsM is besotted by Phineas Finn. She wasn't sure for the first 15 chapters but then she fell in head over heels in love and devoted herself to him for the next 62 chapters. Phineas Finn is not her usual type - he is very interested in politics and a little indecisive in matters of the heart but he is comely, good natured and quick witted. Now that MrsM has come to the end of her relationship with Phineas Finn she dabs her eyes with her handkerchief "Oh Mr. Finn" she says "I do wish I didn't have to leave you." Sorrowfully, MrsM downloads "The Eustace Diamonds" and plugs in the iron.


If you have not read any novels by Anthony Trollope I can highly recommend the unabridged audio books narrated by Timothy West. They have been a revelation to me because I am not an enthusiastic reader of Victorian novels and avoided Trollope after plodding my way through Dickens. Now I completely understand why there are people who read nothing but novels by Anthony Trollope. He draws his characters with such acute observation and understanding of the multiple weaknesses that are to be found in men and women, the plots are so ingenious and the writing so economical that the whole experience is quite delightful. Thank heavens he was such a prolific novelist - many, many more hours of listening and reading pleasure to look forward to.


  1. I am slightly jealous that you are reading/listening to Trollope for the first time although thinking about it I think it is time for me to start re-reading them.

  2. You may have sold him to me. I too am a Trollope avoider.

  3. I've told you I read a book every ten years, haven't I?

  4. A great favourite in our household - Trollope and Mr Finn. The BBC adaptation of the BarChester Chronicles and The Palliser novels are both worth watching too. I must try the audio books.

  5. a revelation - thank you.

  6. I read Barchester Towers some years and was also shocked at how funny it was.

  7. What Lucille said...

    I might have to investigate now though.


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