Monday, 9 May 2011

Diversion Therapy

What do you do...

when your husband is on the phone
to your daughter in Rome
because she only has 6 Euros
and she can't get any money out of the bank... photograph fruit on a plate

and turn the music up louder...

...and console yourself that lovely Paola
has given you her phone number
"in case of emergency"...

...and you wait...

...until it is all sorted
and then you breathe out.


  1. Yes, we've had crises of that sort (or a variation) - glad you got it sorted out. I like the plate.

    Found you via Slow Lane Life, by the way.

  2. Oh, yes!
    Instant recognition!
    When all the cash machines reject the card for no reason that can ever be discovered...
    ...and the daughter needs money to pay her rent so that she has an address... that she can open a bank account and get to her money that way...

    So glad you had a quick solution!

    Love that plate! Wish I could put a name to it!

  3. I know (from dreadful experience) that it's always good to have Paola around "in case of emergency."
    FYI, her husband is pretty handy too!

  4. That Paola, she's a peach...

  5. I smiled when I listened to the words of the music choice.......... in fact, no, I laughed out loud!

  6. Sounds like my life at the moment!

  7. It's a rite of passage they must all go through in their gap year. The Ploughboy rang us from Paris with no money to get home, asking for an emergency bank transfer within 20 minutes, but it turned out all right in the end - as it usually does! I think everything is an emergency until that impulsive frontal lobe (or whichever bit of the brain it is) develops!

    Pomona x

  8. I can so identify with this - the same thing happened to me with Camilla on a Sunday morning when she was in Thailand. No banks open and I had forgotten a password that I needed!

  9. We've all been there, Alice. When my daughter and two friends were in Italy they couldn't find a place to sleep one night, so they used their railcard to catch a train to Venice and back and slept on the train! Very inventive. She didn't tell us till afterwards though!

  10. ... call if you need me ...

    Or Fabio ... as Bb rightly pointed out, he could be handy too.

    Scot, thank you!

  11. Gotta love those Friends You Can Call.

    And your photographs are jewels. i want to have the 3 framed and on my wall.

  12. Eeeeep - so glad all was well in the end.

  13. Oh no, oh no! So glad Miss M's troubles are sorted and the fruit had a nice time.

  14. In times of stress, fruit -ade does come in handy!

    (If Miss M is ever in Prague and needs other types, do let me know).

  15. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    Phew! By the time I reached the photo of the lemons my heart was really racing.

    I'm so glad she's ok.x

  16. Oh lord, what a worry. Glad everything was okay.

  17. Phew glad to hear all is okay, and hope she's having an amazing time in Rome again! Roman advice (mainly food related!) anytime from here too!

  18. Are you really an Iron and Wine fan? I really like 'BOY WITH A COIN' and now that I've seen the video, I like it much, much more.

  19. Whew I was holding my breath too!


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