Thursday, 5 May 2011

MissM, Viaggiatore della Vita

MissM is sitting next to me
as I write this post.

Tomorrow she will be in Italy.

Spanish Steps, Rome

She has packed her rucksack
and checked her passport and tickets.
The money that Granny gave her
to buy a smart handbag in Florence
is safely tucked away.

Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence

MrM is trying to persuade her
to take more guide books.
And many more maps.
MissM explains that she must take clothes.

MrM looks disappointed.

Gondoliers, Venice

MissM is worried that she will
not have Enough Books To Read.
I reassure her that
there are book shops in Italy
if she has a Book Emergency.

View from San Miniato, Florence

I say,
you will be spending your spare time
writing to me.

At the Writing Desk


All paintings by Frederick Childe Hassam (1859 - 1935)


Update from MissM
Arrived safely.
Have just seen Italian couple
in matching Burberry trousers...
hers were pink. Of course.
All is well.


  1. Bon Voyage to MissM!! To her mother, do not spend too much energy checking the mail...

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    Ooh. I do understand about the Book Emergency concern. And I think kathe is right. I have heard exactly 10 words from N, who is in Budapest.

  3. Sitting at my desk at 0630 having dropped MissM off at the airport. Am rewarding myself with a cooked breakfast at work when the canteen opens at 0800 ...

    I am pleased to report that we met all MissM's guide book requirements and the place she is staying at is even marked on the popout map. MissM thinks I have organised this specially for her. No excuses for not getting there anyway.

    It will be a bit quieter at home this evening, unless I fall asleep and start snoring.

  4. I am worried about her smart new handbag. If she only has a rucksack it might get badly squashed.

  5. MrM might have considered a farewell gift of a Kindle - just the thing for a backpacking girl, and easy to accommodate in a range of lovely new handbags (whoever heard of buying just one bag in Italy?).

    We look forward to excerpts from MissM's missives to her mother......

  6. I await pictures of the new bag with great excitement ...

    I' sure she will have a wonderful time. Italy. Sigh.

  7. Lucky lucky MissM. If she writes let me know - did you give her funds for another handbag on the quiet as an incentive?

  8. I was right: Miss M does do all the best things! And I can totally see Mr M tucking a handful of maps into her luggage when she isn't looking!

    K x

  9. Bon Voyage Miss M. Have a wonderful time.

  10. that should read until rather than unless I think

  11. Lucky Miss M. My daughter is off to Italy in a fortnight for a well earned break from a precarious job. When she was at Uni she was sent to Italy and Greece for a whole Easter vacation as part of her classics course. That was a rucksack trip, the one coming up will be a bit more luxurious I hope!
    Wait to read what Miss M gets up to..
    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast Mr M.

  12. Oh lucky lucky MissM. I hope she has a lovely time and you are not too dependant on the arrival of the postman whilst she is away.

  13. And, so, it seems clear to me that MissM is my kind of traveler.

  14. My parents have also just arrived in Italy for their annual trip (lucky ones) I will tell them to keep an eye out for the pink Burberry! And you can't come back from Italy without a handbag :-)

  15. I hope MissM writes home often just so we can hear more about pink Burberry and the likes. Sounds absolutely delightful. Ah to be young and with a backpack...
    Beautiful art also.

  16. Let's put it this way.
    The nest will be just for you for a while.
    MissM will take only the best from Italy, I am sure.

  17. Buon viaggio a MissM, hope she has a fabulous time! And if she's in Rome, tell her to check out the Birreria Peroni, but not if she's a veggie! Also the best view in Rome is through a keyhole. I can give directions if she wants them!

  18. how very exciting!
    and so what do you and Mr. M have planned for the weekend?


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