Monday, 23 May 2011

Vintage Chick

Oh dear, oh dear...
I feel racked with guilt...
I should have explained that losing those photos
was not a disaster at all

and I am afraid that,
after an initial horrorstruck moment,
I did laugh a lot.

I don't take many photos
and on Saturday morning
it was taking me a while to get my eye in.
The photos that flashed before me
were absolutely terrible.

The only ones that I regretted losing
were a collection of photos
of exquisitely displayed fruit and vegetables.

Here is a vintage clothes shop
from later that morning
which was the first stop
on MissM's Grand Tour of Florence.

Seriously, MissM knows all the best shops
and she has only been there two weeks.


  1. your DD is one talented young woman, finding such cool shops. glad the loss of photos in general was not terrible...

  2. I would be in heaven - Italian vintage sunglasses and handbags...I am drooling a little.

  3. So were you crying wolf or what? You told US not to laugh and there you are giggling!! Never mind, you have certainly provided us with some amazing eye candy with these unlost photographs...I can only hope for what tomorrow will bring, pastries perhaps?? xo

  4. Well, hmmm, what I have seen is beautiful.
    Could someone please explain the term, Damn, now I can't find it. Is it "getting my eye in"?
    Forgive my ignorance. It is getting close to my bed time and I have not had any ice cream, but I have had a few glasses of wine. I do want to know.
    Such a lovely trip.

  5. Of course she does! K x

  6. Thank goodness for a sense of humour. I bet it felt like a bit of a disaster at the time though.
    MissM, as we have learnt, is a shopping guru beyond compare. Do you think she might be hired out to lend some style and sophistication to those of us who lack these vital skills?!

  7. So glad the loss of the photos does not make you feel too awful.

    I didn't take any photos of our honeymoon! well I thought I did - then found out that I hadn't wound on the camera - Oops.

    Italian handbags so lovely. Those sunglasses look very tempting - all of them.

  8. I have to say that I would rather have the vintage clothes shop than the fruit and vegetables, although they were no doubt beautiful to look at, I think the clothes are wonderful, and am even more regretting that I couldn't hitch a lift in your suitcase!

    Pomona x

  9. One of the delights of having grown up children is to enjoy the world anew through their eyes, don't you think?

  10. She is a young lady of great style... I know because I've seen the way she dresses!

  11. A Young AcademicMay 25, 2011

    Disappointed to hear about the tragic loss of vegetable images. There is nothing like an exquisitely displayed vegetable to inspire amusement and merry-making. My personal favourite is the horseradish which has both a highly evocative physical form, but also a fascinating history as part of the penal code of ancient Greece.... I shall leave 'morn-ers' to explore this hidden history a little further. Ouch!

  12. It is a fundamental point that YA makes - I always thought that it was a turnip rather than a radish but definitely a root vegetable anyway


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