Sunday, 8 May 2011

family chit-chat

chatting with my sister B

(not that sister, the other one)

"...I had a lovely the morning I went for a swim with a friend and in the evening I did a 10k run. It wasn't competitive because I am saving myself for the triathalon challenge next month but I made a good time..."

MrsM remembers her extremely idle birthday and blushes.


  1. Oh. yes.
    Ah, well.
    There are those who save themselves for triathlons and those of us who save ourselves for nice walks. And cake.

    You are a poet.
    And we love poets.
    And reading about cake.

  2. The only reason I would run on my birthday would be if someone was after me with a stick.

  3. Perhaps MrsM and I could be competitive in a different venture...reclining, for example?

  4. Wow! What sisters you have! Impressive!

  5. If this is what she does on her birthday I don't even want to know what a regular day sounds like.

  6. God. I just wouldn't ring her.

  7. I enjoy exercise ( but mostly so I can enjoy cake and chocolate ) but a 10k run....not on my birthday, that would definitely be a day off and you would have to chase me with a stick too :-)


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