Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MissM : update

7.15pm Tuesday evening

"Here is another photo for you..."

Day by day
the photos arrive in my inbox
and I can see that
MissM is falling in love with Florence.

I suspect that it is a love affair
that will last a lifetime.


  1. Oh. Florence. Sigh.

    Mind you, we saw it from the viewpoint of backpacking campers. And I seem to recall our stay involved rather a lot of grappa as that was all the campsite shop had in stock. I am quite sure MissM is doing it with more style!

  2. Oh. Florence. Sigh.

    (minus Dottycookie's grappa in my case!)

    I learnt to walk in Florence, did you know that?

  3. I am vicariously falling in love with Florence through MissM. Now I want to go even more.

  4. Im with dottycookie and Monica.

    How could MissM not fall in love with Florence?

  5. Many MANY years ago during my last year of high school I did a 45 day stage ina travel agency in Firenze.
    And that's when I fell madly in love with it.
    I knwo EXACTLY what she's feeling, plus I try to go back every now and then to breathe in all the beauty.
    Enjoy, MissM!

  6. oh. that is the view from the campsite we stayed in when I was 18! I have that very photo etched in my memories. x

  7. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    There's something so very romantic about Florence isn't there? I blame 'A Room With a View'.


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