Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Diet of Worms

The New Examinations Officer is an austere man.

He has laid down strict rules for his regime:

There shall be no tea urn
because it wastes energy.

There shall be organic rooibos tea
available for the sole use of
the Examinations Officer.

There shall not be tins of biscuits
with excess packaging.

There shall be a financial review
of the catering arrangements
and specifically the sushi order
for the Visiting Examiners lunch.

There shall not be chocolate cake
because carrot sticks are healthier.

The Deputy Examinations Officer looks gloomy
but MrsM has a cunning plan...

Stage 1

Maple syrup and Pecan cake
with repurposed* bananas
and organic Medjool dates
in greaseproof paper.

It looks healthy, no?


* the early edition of this post
referred to recycled bananas
but this has been edited
after an uprising in Blogland.


  1. I'm kind of stuck on the recycled banana thing. In a horror-struck way.

  2. "recycled bananas"??

  3. i do lie the way you think!

  4. Cake led promotion looming....
    Just don't tell them you recycled the bananas. It's slightly off-putting.

  5. How do you recycle a Banana?

  6. It would sound wonderful if it wasn't for the recycled bananas... where have they been before???

    (word verification is "worse" - I'm hoping that is not referring to the place where the bananas have previously been)

  7. It looks delicious. Nuts on top of anything give off an air of health-food shop.

  8. Ahhh Mrs M - I have often thought this but feel today is the day to mention it - You Have The Best Commenters In Blogland

  9. Excellent - an on-blog sugar-based Mills & Boon-style seduction in progress! Please share the steamy details as and when the New Examinations Officer falls from grace and recognises the error of his austere ways.....

  10. MrM is too busy to comment, he is at present searching through supermarket skips for bananas to recycle in MrsM's cakes.........

  11. You have a good plan!
    The New Examinations Officer will gain valuable work experience.

  12. Good heavens, the man's courting disaster - no tea urn! reviewing the Examiners' lunch! no chocolate cake! - either no one will come to be external examiner or they'll be so low after those endless meetings they'll fail everyone in a fit of pique. Cake looks lovely - husband just had a real disaster with a banana cake so he's looking for a better recipe (we have lots of what we call forgotten bananas).

  13. A Young AcademicMay 11, 2011

    MrsM—you must treat it as your personal responsibility to save the New Examinations Officer from himself. To fiddle with catering arrangements for VEs is to play with fire....and who knows who (or what) might be singed in the fallout.

    Recycling and/or repurposing bananas is an undoubtedly delicious nod towards frugality, although I am, again, concerned about the potential fallout should such a redeployment become widely known.

    As "morn-ers" will recall, I am still sporting the Tie of Shame....but for how long I wonder??

  14. Sometimes it gets too hard for me to comment.

    Today is the case.

    ... off to recycle some bananas ...

  15. good grief, no tea urn, limits on the visitor lunches and carrot sticks. the new examinations officer has much to learn..... perhaps direct him to the comment box.....

  16. You are a kinder soul than me. I would hide the cake until he had gone.

    I want a job where someone buys me sushi.

  17. "Re-purposed" ? Are we talking rescued in the nick of time or rejected even by the resident Banana Sandwich fan ?
    (I just hoick all our soggy bananas into the freezer , planning to use them in banana bread at some date ..... thereby only delaying the journey to the bin by a few months .)

  18. AnonymousMay 11, 2011

    wot ? no bananas ?

    perhaps "re-assigned" might be more appropriate or does that conjure up other thoughts.

    "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me ?".

    "Alas, it is but a re-purposed banana" quoth he.

  19. I totally get the recycled bananas! What once was great for eating as is has gone beyond and gets turned into the amazing concoction you have left me wanting!

  20. I think that the NEO is trying to create his own style but not taking many with him. Hearts & minds does not appear to be his objective at present.

    WV : matter . Yes it does

    PS - my coffee cake is 10/10 - just trying to work out what MrsM wants now

  21. My vote is for 'redeployed' banana as it will still be fulfilling its original purpose of being eaten. Perhaps it is time the 'Young Academic' be released from the bonds of 'The Tie of Shame'?

  22. What a wowser....no urn :-( Keep the minions happy and the place will run like clockwork...be it on his own head!!


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