Friday, 6 May 2011

To Do Lists

Last weekend I discovered accidentally that if your To Do list is all about the things you want to do...then the boring things that you need to do fit painlessly in the gaps. And the things that you want to do don't get lost in the mountain of things that you need to do.

Were you planning to tell me this when I grow up?

Read book in sunshine
I can't remember the last time
I sat in the garden and read a book.
Last summer? The summer before?
A casualty of employment.

Finish back of jumper
I did!
Go me!

Plant window box
I went out to buy
a tasteful selection
of blue and white flowers
and came back with salmon pink.
I must have had a brain storm.

Make wedding cake
'Royal' Victoria Sponge.
Eaten under sufferance by MrM
due to lack of coffee flavouring.
But still eaten.

Nail polish
Dark green.
I am going through
a belated Goth phase.

Drink cider in pub garden
Didn't manage this one.
To carry over to this weekend.


  1. Does #6 become the new #1? Do flowers even come in blue? xo

  2. I have been searching unsuccessfully for an eco friendly blue nail varnish as blue has been my colour of choice for some years, but I feel that I must follow your example and go for green - of course that must be consonant with a generally green attitude to life.

    I shall add it to my list ...

    Pomona x

  3. At last I see where I am going wrong.

    that, and the onability to say "no" to anyone who asks for a favour!

  4. I'm off to rewrite my to do list. Please tell Miss M she must look harder for Zen

  5. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    That's my kind of to-do list, I'm inspired!

  6. Sounds like the kind of to-do-list I need.

  7. "Go me!"??? Oh, MrsM!

    Could "Go me!" be described as limpid prose? Can anyone eat sponge cake "on sufferance"?

    I need to ponder these things now.....

  8. Cider with MrsM in a country pub garden at Sunday lunchtime is directly linked to achieving coffee cake objective ... nothing if not devious.

    The realpolitik of married life

  9. So cider in a pub garden would be another sufferance?
    OH MrM ...

  10. A belated it! Thats a great idea for a list, we all to do it! Cider under sufferance....I think not :-)


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