Monday, 15 August 2011

field margins

We walk through the green heart of Kent

and on every side there are
orchards, hop yards and fields of wheat
ready for harvest,

above our heads
sloes, rosehips and elderberries
ripen in the hedgerows.

I know what this means
but I choose to look away,

and look down at the field margins,
at the wild flowers of summer.

I refuse to feel sad today.


  1. No need to feel sad Alice, tis always beautiful where you are, and you always see that.
    And always, things return, you know that too.

  2. There's no stopping it is there?

  3. Oh, but I love the beginning of autumn. I feel such a sense of possibility.

  4. It's definitely a new beginning, not an end so no need to be sad.

  5. i have never wanted summer to end less than this year

  6. i, too, feel energized by the changes this time of year...and hopeful. Eagerly looking forward to gorgeous apples, and autumnal delights that never cease to amaze. No room for sadness in these parts.

  7. Oh dear Alice ... why the blues? Fall is the most amazing season of all! Might be work related? Who knows ...
    I'm here and see no end whatsoever of summer until October, in fact today is THE Holiday, like Christmas in August. Everyone and their dog are on holiday, frolicking ... having fun ...

  8. I can't wait for autumn, then the days will only be in the 80's instead of the 90's.
    Your pix were beautful.

  9. Ah, autumn. I feel it coming too but I welcome it. To me it means warm sunshine mingled with crisp cool air--a relief after the unrelenting summer heat. Intensely clear blue skies contrasting with golden wheat fields, long lazy shadows, deep rich colours, and an overall sense of getting settled in preparation for the unyielding harshness of winter on the Canadian prairies. Fall is my absolute favourite season regardless of what follows. The moment is brief but spectacular, live for and enjoy each moment :)

  10. ...i do feel sad that you feel sadness tugging at you. Here's hoping you have many cheering moments in the days to come.

  11. I couldn't feel sad either - we are just getting to the loveliest time of the year in my book.....

  12. Perhaps it is the diminishing light that makes us feel melancholy. I do love Autumn so much, but am especially aware of the encroaching darkness.
    I think the photos you took are so lovely, and on a light note I see the potential for some wonderful brews. Sloes, elderberries, hops and apples, bring on the full glasses and let us raise a toast to warming fires and the comforts of home when that darkness and cold comes.


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