Thursday, 11 August 2011

MissM makes Blueberry Cake


So...what do I do next
sort of spread it on the top?
Smoosh it around?
Like this?

Don't look at me like that...
I know you want to do it.
This is causing you pain, isn't it?
You are such a control freak...
if you wanted to smoosh the icing
you should have made your own cake.

Where do I put the blueberries?
"scatter them casually"..
What are you talking about?
You are just being weird now.


  1. I do believe it should be The Talented MissM makes Blueberry cake. all that smooshing and scattering looks delectable! I know from experience blueberries do not casually scatter, they stick where they land. xo

  2. Oooh that looks delicious! Miss M has definitely mastered the smoosh and casual scatter.

    K x

  3. I plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land ...

    seems to work I think - v tasty

  4. PS MissM will next be tackling a coffee cake ....

    in my dreams I think

  5. Good job Miss M and yes undoubtedly your mother was resisting the 'takeover' impulse throughout. I fought just such a battle yesterday when destructoBoy was cutting lemons.

  6. In our family, at such moments, someone invariably started humming that treacly hymn, "there is beauty all around, when there's love at home." Followed by much groaning, of course.

  7. All those years of encouraging your children to be independent, be experimental, have their own ideas, try them out, stand up for themselves, express their opinions, and what happens? They do! Job done; sit back and let the cakes come to you.....

  8. ... and she can bake too!
    Lucky the man she'll fall in love with.

    MrM: don't give up on your dream.

  9. Sounds like the scene in our kitchen when husband decided to make an apricot tart - it was very good in the end but it would have been quicker to make it myself!

  10. Oh dear. Sounds very very familiar.

  11. ... it's so hard to let them just 'be' (and do) isn't it?

  12. I'm smiling... I would have wanted to take over the smooshing too.


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