Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Trivial Pursuits

It's Wednesday.
I am brain dead already.
I am disappointed with myself.

We could discuss 'One Day'
and Anne Hathaway's boots
(Scot, I thought of you)
but I haven't got the energy.
Shall we just look at sugar-pink dahlias?

In other news...
MissM has new Peridot nail polish.
It's green! It's gold!

I am going to a tea party on Thursday...
is there a cake making fairy out there?
If not, I'm going to have to get up early.

Oh...and could someone select my spring bulbs
there is far too much choice.

Shall we not talk about
the anxious call from MissM's granny...
offering to buy a hockey stick...


Thank you so much for your response
on the Student Finance post.
You realised that it was a joke
and made MissM laugh
with your comments.


  1. Thank God our power is finally back, I would have hated to miss all this! Note to MissM: Enjoy pole dancing and the Peridot, (I am green with envy!) I am just not so sure about the two at the same time...
    Alice, your photos have brightened my earthquaked, hurricaned snuffly cold filled soul. I wish I could be your cake fairy. Now there's a line for a pole dancer!!

  2. How can those dahlias even be real? Breathtaking!

  3. Sugar pink flowers. Think that their amazing colours should be a new nail polish colour and more importantly be the topping on a batch of freshly made fairy cakes!

  4. Bring on the dahlias I say. I need to go and pick some more, methinks. My house and mood need lifting.

  5. Stunning, stunning pictures - I don't usually 'do' pink but they are beautiful

  6. I am mesmerized by those dahlias ...

  7. The last two lines of Kathe's comment are choice!!

    Thank you for the dahlias...oh, my!!

  8. God, but I was such a misery.

  9. Those Dahlias are stunning, the colour divine. Peridot is my birthstone.

    Are you back from Tea yet, how did it go, was there a lot of cake?

  10. How very beautiful those dahlias are! Some such delicate pink and some so vivid! Thanks for posting them. Everything here is so brown, not too many flowers left, and we are losing a lot of the trees! Thanks for reminding me there are places where such beauty still grows!


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