Wednesday, 24 August 2011

time for tea

You know that person who won't drink coffee
because it stops them sleeping?

Thomas Wolfe (1810)

And asks for herbal tea
when you only have PG Tips?

Davenport (1820)

I have become that person overnight
and it is giving me nightmares

Royal Worcester (1931)

I will have to swallow
my harsh words to my sisters
(I am hoping they will not be smug)

Herculaneum Factory (1815)

and start carrying green tea
in a special little case in my bag.

Minton (1897)

This is not my life
as I would like it to be.

My body is letting me down.


all photos © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I would like to record my gratitude again
to the Victoria and Albert Museum
for their enlightened attitude to image use.


  1. At least we can still eat cake.
    And cake with tea is very nice.

  2. So annoying when our bodies decide to do something without our permission. Maybe you'll regain your coffee drinking abilities. Or maybe MrM needs to give you soothing backrubs at night to help you sleep. Yes, that's the ticket.

  3. Maddening isn't it? A full night's sleep is an elusive thing and if it means drinking Earl Grey Rooibos to appease the gods Hypnos and Somnus then so be it.
    The V&A rocks.

  4. I have always been that person (but only after 7pm!)

    You could just ask for a cup to look at.

  5. So like the butterfly cup... Would drink more tea if I had that cup. Just so I could look at it more :)

  6. For years I haven't been able to drink coffee after 2pm if I wish for a good night's sleep, and now if I drink more than 2 cups in a day I get more than a little twitchy. I won't tell you what my unreconstructed friends call herb tea - Pukka Love is my favourite which makes them laugh all the more, and like Peter Rabbit, chamomile sends me to sleep, even if I drink it in the day! (My sister is still rude about it all, too, but then she is younger than me.)

    Pomona x

  7. Welcome to the club, green tea and sympathy available. x

  8. Weird and annoying what kicks in, isn't it?
    I have sat drooling looking at the exquisite cups on your post and then suffered palpitations on investigating the V & A site for more..... my, oh MY.......... Happy Wednesday!

  9. Oh, but I love the V&A. I once spent a week in there drawing.

  10. I always like the smell of coffee more than the taste, so perhaps you could inhale Mr M's.... and on a positive note there are some very lovely green teas about.

  11. Thing is I can't drink tea either ... a chamomile maybe?

    Why did you have to V&A? Memories of my half day (on a total of just 3) spent in there are flooding my mind and I WANT TO GO.

  12. MrsM = my old china

  13. And as you are enchanted with the cups, I am imagining the little bag.

  14. There was a time when I would crave coffee but now, if I drink it it makes me ill. I can't really like green tea but I can drink fruit teas. My favourite though is a big mug of builder's.

  15. I was just saying to the other half that I must be getting old as all I want when I get home is a 'good cuppa'. Luckily I can still have my Earl Grey. I don't like the sound of Rooibos Earl Grey, I am suffering already ;-) MrM is getting a bit cheeky isn't he?

  16. Believe it or not I use to drink a cup of coffee to help me sleep, now more than a single cup in the morning burns a hole in my stomach.
    Was having serious cup envy of your cup collection till I saw they were museum pieces. LOl

  17. Welcome to the club (sigh). If only I had my father's strange metabolism (or whatever it is) - at restaurant dinners, he used to order coffee with dessert to ensure speedy slumber once he got home.

    P.S. It could be worse. I have developed problems with (gasp) SUGAR.

  18. I've just had to give up caffeine too. My husband still hasn't recovered from the horror (he can't imagine life without it) and keeps asking me if I'm fine ;-).

    Truthfully, once I got over a mad caffeine headache and my chagrin at having to ask for decaf coffee in restaurants and carry tea bags about, it's all been fine. Falling asleep easily at night makes up for a lot.

  19. So long as you don't turn into one of those elderly ladies who always ask for half of everything. Tea? "Just half a cup, dear". Scone? "Just a half of one, dear."


  20. I'm praying this won't happen to me. Oh, the words I'd have to eat if forced to give up my black coffee with added coffee!

  21. Two things, watch out for green tea, it does have caffeine, and looking at these teacups just confirms for me that I was born in the wrong century, I SO should have been hanging about in the 1800s sipping tea from really precious teacups. That's about it for now.


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