Wednesday, 31 August 2011

MrsM, mentor

Two months ago
MrsM was asked to mentor a young manager
and help increase his confidence.

Today she received an unexpected email:

"Dear Alice

D. is finding your time extremely beneficial!


MrsM ponders this and decides that
the most beneficial session of all
was probably the one when she confessed
that when she started in her first Department
she knew so little about computers
she used to hide in the stationery cupboard
and read "Microsoft Office for Dummies".

MrsM is weak on management theory
but she knows how to harness
the power of schadenfreude.


  1. That used to be my approach too. Well, that and recognising when people in my team were tired or in need of a snack and calling tea break time before grown up tantrums ensued - the benefits of having "managed" small people before having a team of adults to wrangle ;-) My lot used to even call me and my co-team leader Mum and Dad. Cheeky blighters.

  2. Cake as a means of personnel management seems to be a tried and trusted method. You could ask Mr.M for references.

  3. Your choice of illustration is delightful!

  4. What a lovely coincidence.
    That is the exact book I studied.

  5. A long time since I saw that word "schauchenfraude" I very good word indeed. Computers for dummies is a grand book, very much underated. :)

  6. This made me smile, Alice.

  7. I used to escape into the bathroom (as the only woman on a project no one ever followed me) and call my developers when I got stumped ;-). Sounds like we all had a similar strategy!

  8. I learned a new word.
    With a side of beauty.

  9. I considered myself lucky to be mentored by MrsM


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