Tuesday, 16 August 2011

wish you were here too

I went to Kew today
with Kristina and Tracy
and we had a lovely day
walking in the sunshine.

We talked about all our friends:
Ali, Monica, Val, Gina
Emma, Driftwood,Diana,
Coffee Lady, Helen, Jackie,
Cathy, Lucille, Amaranthine,
Pomona, Trash, Rachel and Sue;

we thought of Nancy in France
getting ready for her wedding

and we remembered friends far away
Mary, Tracey, fifi, Suse,
RW, Lynn, Eleanor,
bb, Paola, Scot, Christy
Zephyr, Kathe, Bobby, Ginnie,
Ellen, Readersguide and Baa-Me knits

Aaaarrrghh...why did nobody mention
that I had missed JEN off the list???

and all you lovely people
who leave comments without email addresses
Toffeeapple, Janine, Jane Gray,
Lilli, Amy, Laura,
Melanie, Iris, Ruth,
planetcoops and Hairy Puffball

and we wished you could all be with us
(except Nancy who needs to be in France)


Please forgive me
if I have missed your name
you were with us too!

I plan to put links to all of your blogs
but I have run out of time tonight.


  1. I have said it before - I will say it again. One day in the not too distant future I WILL walk with you all in Kew Gardens.

  2. Just the thought! What a treasure trove of blogs I have been led to through the comments and links on your blog Alice. I have had so much fun and I do believe am saving money and eventually trees buying less magazines, who needs them? Driftwood left me birthday wishes!! And so did your Mother (Hi Alice's Mother) no magazine does that, tho the dentist does. I would so love to meet everyone.

  3. and, as always, you give us jewels!

  4. Yowza! That was most impressive. Thank you for including me!

  5. It was such a lovely day! And you were very brave leaning in for those waterlily pictures...

    K x

  6. I hope there were a lot of ears burning!

    So lovely to see you - it had been Far Too Long.

  7. My ears are very burning! And I wish that I could have been with you, too . . .

    Pomona x

  8. Kew (if one looks past those concerned about the botanical aspects only) is one of the loveliest places to meander.

    Always a joy to be discussed, thanks for including me.

  9. I'd love to go to Kew, haven't been for years. Thank you for including me (if I am the Sue you mean!).

  10. You are all so lovely.

  11. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. I really wish I'd been there too - it looks as beautiful as ever. A full day of decluttering has left me rather cabin crazy.

  12. I wish I could have been there in real life too!

  13. I feel honoured to be part of such a wonderful group of friends. Wish I could have joined you in person.

  14. Deeply touched that you included my name. So wish I could have been with you - but there in spirit!
    Happy days Alice.
    Bobby x

  15. Lovely photos and cheering sentiment of a new way to make friends.



  16. What a pleasure to have been there in your thoughts even if not in person.x

  17. Probably just as well MrM was not present ...

  18. Kew is a great place for remembering friends.

  19. indeed.
    I have also been introduced to many lovely people via your blog. so thanks. for that.
    I am doddling on the first day I must return to work.

  20. Oh, how kind, thank you so much for including me, I feel very honoured!
    I've no idea why you can't see my e-mail address, it is firmly set on my profile.

    It has been almost 45 years since I was last at Kew. I wonder how much it has changed?

  21. What a kind thought you had to remind of us all in such a gorgeous environment. You're a gem.

    MrM: you have a spot in her heart, let us have our 5 seconds and dwell in them while she admires such beauties and thinks of us. You won't mind, will you.

  22. Oh. I see. Why not just plunge a knife into my heart!

  23. I would have loved to be with you all!


  24. Oh, if I could be in two places at once I would have whizzed back up through France and across the channel, clutching a paper bag full of croissants to share with you all xx

  25. I would love to go to Kew. Your blog is daily inspiration, I'm so happy to have discovered it. And thank you so much for including me!

    I'll try commenting under my "other" identity, hopefully the e-mail problem will be simplified.-Janine

  26. @toffee apple - the trees have probably grown a bit.

  27. oh those lillies! I'm glad you had a lovely day, it might not have been a peacefull one had we All been there x

  28. only nice things I hope!


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