Friday, 18 December 2009

Yardangs and other matters

I know that yardangs
are not the obvious choice for a seasonal post
but bear with me...

MrM and MrsM recently had the pleasure
of meeting a friend of MissM,
let us call him MasterN,
and, as luck would have it, he is a Geographer.

MrsM was able to make intelligent conversation
about exhibitions that she had been to at the RGS.

MissM was able to entertain us
with stories of the coldest place on earth.

and MrM?

MrM decided to give a monologue about yardangs
(which appears to be all that he remembers
from years of Geography lessons)
and spoke at length
and in great detail
until MrsM and MissM begged him to stop.

MasterN gave a very good impression
of being completely fascinated
by the mysterious world of the yardang
and delighted by the chance to learn about them...

which is why I think we should refer to him
from now on as
the Charming MasterN.


  1. you do have an interesting and full life Alice.

    No yardangs in mine, just a major fight about whose turn is it to lick the bowl of the raspberry semifreddo.

    And I'm very upset that Terry Wogan retired today, aren't you?

  2. Does MrM have nothing to say about hoodoos??

  3. I love a good Dad Monologue. They are, like Dad Routes to places which detour wildly and take twice as long, impossible to avoid once men reach a certain age.

  4. But that is how I have always thought of Master M and, of course, he is revered in this house as an example to my grandchildren!
    Bobby x

  5. I'm so sorry - I misread 'N' for 'M'. Now my secret is out!!
    Bobby x

  6. Charming Master N is a great name, if the poor boy is ever brave enough to have dinner with you again you can tell him - or not xxx

  7. Snort.

    He evidently fits right in.

  8. I'm thrilled to have checked into your blog - I knew nothing about yardangs - I may have to find a way of dropping them into Christmas party conversation - or will I just show my ignorance?

  9. Is the Cheesering a non desert Yardang, Mr M ?

  10. You are my "Alicepedia"!

  11. Well, the photographs make a great post, though I can't admit to being particularly fascinated with yardangs. I'm glad to hear that they give joy to some!

  12. He is obviously totally charming! (I didn't even know what a yardang was - but then I never did Geography)

  13. Oh Alice, it is the charming ones that steal our daughter's hearts. Previous to meeting our son in law to be, our daughter said to me in all seriousness, "I must warn you, he is incredibly cute and extremely charming." She was right. We as well, have to rescue courteous listeners form fatherly expounding. I often get whispered to me, "rescue". I have become pretty seamless at it fortunately because our dining table is too long for a swift kick.

  14. I would like the low down on yardangs too! I'm serious!


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