Thursday, 25 February 2010

Home Comforts

The Head of Department is flying to Cape Town
for an important conference
and offered to take a package for MasterM.
It contains a letter and a credit card
and a box of home-made fudge.
I hope that the obvious presence
of apricots, dates and crystallised pineapple
will ensure that it is not mistaken for explosives.


  1. Wow, does that look good! I think MasterM could want for nothing more. After all, fudge is a labor of love.
    A letter from home, a credit card and fudge would be right up there as best care package ever!
    Of course I clicked on the red word fudge, hoping to find the recipe. Instead, I found the most lovely tribute to a friend of yours who lost a battle I am intimately familiar with. We women are a courageous lot! I bet you were the best friend ever.

  2. Well...if I were the courier, the letter and credit card were certainly be delivered. No question. Absolutely.
    However, the fudge would possibly, probably, almost certainly be confiscated by airport security. Or...
    No, let's stick with "confiscated by airport security."

  3. what a kind man - and what a lucjy son

  4. Memories. Can't live without them.
    Love (letter I am sure) Money (credit card) and sweet (fudge), what else can a son desire?

  5. A credit card and home made fudge... what more could a boy want?

  6. Sound like a perfect parcel to me. Is there anyway I can persuade you I am a long lost relative in dire need? I think some fudge would really help me get on with some work. x

  7. Hmmm - I cannot remember if we ever got that recipe?

  8. CK and destructoBoy made fudge last week while we girls were out.

    Apparently the dentist is sending us a huge thank you bouquet of flowers and the blacksmith says he can separate the wooden spoon from the saucepan by next Wednesday!

  9. Sounds like the best care package ever! K x

  10. A credit card? Now that's very brave.

    As for the explosive fudge - I'm sure airport security will realise that Willy Wonka cornered the market in that some years ago, so yours should pose no threat.


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