Wednesday, 3 February 2010

outside my comfort zone

I know that I told you that
MasterM has settled down at university,
made friends, bought books
and is busy attending lectures...

it is all true


did I also mention that
MasterM is planning
to go swimming with sharks?


I'm a busy person,
maybe it slipped my mind...

(or maybe I'm in denial?)


  1. I am pleased to report that shark cage diving is covered under MasterM's insurance policy. Not sure what the excess is though.

    Perhaps MasterM would do well to study the two precepts of the Delphic Oracle ...

  2. Ooh. Cringe. But look! It has such a friendly, er, smile!

    Speaking of comfort zones, I saw some spectacular cupcake cases today and wished I had your postal address...

  3. Hi Alice C. Jbhat here! Sharks, you say? Our kiddo is currently Very Into sharks, and Marine Life in general these days. But since he's only 5, I'll have to keep him away from actually communing with them in person. Good luck to you and Master!


  4. mmmm and we all thought the danger was on the rugby pitch............

  5. it can't be worse than those killer otters in South America...

  6. pah! He fought pirates in Brazil, this shall prove no problem.

    (he has a reasonable right hook, doesn'the?)

  7. That Master M. He is determined to keep you on your toes. Please take comfort in the fact that the more of these dangerous adventures he embraces, the less there are left for him to find....

  8. My younger son also did this. They make you sit on your hands and have any tempting dangly bits tucked out of sight. No sudden moves and everything is fine. He may even bring you homre a video of it as proof.

    Mother's are allowed to worry!

  9. Oh, sharks. Everyone's done THAT.

    Really, you do fuss.

  10. Yikes! Master M is a very brave boy. Keep up with the denial, I think it must be the best way.

  11. you know I might have to stop coming here, all these things that Master M does - I start panicking about E doing them in about 10 years time.....

  12. What is is about sons? Must they constantly devise new ways to jolt our slats? Why do they not understand how completely precious they are to us and choosing to put themselves in harms way is beyond our comprehension? And even if we muster the courage to express our fears they are not understood? I have found the miles between Mother and in danger son actually help, and you have lots of those. Not being aware of the actual time of said danger nor requesting a call of, I am safe, when danger is over (they forget to call) has helped stave off gray hairs and basically extend my life. I am guessing my son is eight years older than MasterM, he is still alive and seems to realize he is not invincible. Not sure when that happened. Meanwhile, pedicures, Alice. Daily if your soul needs it!

  13. I actually swam with sharks with my husband on our honeymoon.
    YEP we did. No cage though ... mmmh ... come to think of it now, it might have been a staged thing ...
    But I'm here. HE HE

  14. The shark looks very friendly and has a delightful smile. I'm certain there is nothing at all to worry about.

  15. I agree. The shark appears quite docile. Relax.

  16. Yes, what a sweet little smile!

  17. MasterM tries my patience.


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