Thursday, 4 February 2010

A little brown mouse

I stood at the window with my mug of tea
and thought about the day ahead.

A small movement caught my eye
and I saw that a little brown mouse
was sitting on the windowsill outside.

The little brown mouse
was completely oblivious to me
as it ate the bird seed
I had put out when it snowed.

And, just for a moment, I relaxed
and watched the little brown mouse
eat breakfast on the other side of the glass,
and forgot about the day ahead.

illustrations from 'Miss Moppet' by Beatrix Potter


  1. You, on the other hand have just reminded me to move my bum off this chair and get doing all the things I have to, right NOW.

  2. Hope it turns out to be a good day. PS Have you visited Fulvia yet? I hope she was kind this time!

  3. glad mr mouse enjoyed his breakfast, and you found a breathing space in your day x

  4. I'm with Paola - really have to make up for a very non-productive day yesterday and DO STUFF.

    Just need to finish my cup of tea first...

  5. I watched Miss Potter the other day - have you seen it? I loved it as I'm a huge fan.
    Glad you found some time to drift.

  6. Unfortunately, the little mouse we saw today was inside the window. Wouldn't mind too much, if he hadn't chewed a neat little hole in the carpet! He was rather cute, but he gave husband rather a surprise. Last time we had wildlife inside it was a rather sleepy bat.
    Hope this was a good omen for a relaxed day.

  7. Take time to watch the mice. I like it.

  8. i love these illustrations.. we are really big Beatrix potter fans here.
    i hope your day has turned out well and you have had lots of lovely little moments of wonder and distraction x

  9. Oh Alice, Beatrix Potter!

  10. Oh, seems you do just what I do. I love those neutral few moments with a mug, or two, of tea, watching what the garden's doing.

    Then I head for the shower, get my brain into gear for the day ahead .. and the moment's over. J x


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