Thursday, 6 May 2010

Stan, L'Homme du Monde

Yo Big Lad and Little Lad,
how y'all doing?
Do you want to hear about my trip to Paris?

Well...those crazy people got out of bed at 4.30 ay em.
I'm, like, so not into that.
I need to push out the zeds.
So I stayed home and chilled.

(MrsM: We couldn't get Stan out of bed,
so he missed the train...)

(MrsM: We wanted to show Stan the hero Lafayette...)

They got to eat snails, frogs legs and whatever.
I got to watch TV and eat crumpets.
I got the best deal. No question.

(...and the French Statue of Liberty)

Also, they don't speak English in France.
Freaky but true.

But, like, I felt kinda bad.

So when I got the chance to go to Switzerland with MrM
I'm, like, whatever.
And I go.

Now I'm liking this whole flag thing that they have going on here.
It's kinda cool.
But get this.
You see this photo of me on a chair leg?
You think I'm small, right?

You would be so wrong.
It is a giant chair with three legs.
How weird is that?


  1. Stan, DUDE...getting up early would have been so worth it, bro! Your homies here will be way bummed to hear that you chose crumpets (and sloth) over pain au chocolat. Here's hoping you at LEAST got in on some fondue action with that Magpie dude. (Who was totally awesome to haul you around Switzerland, by the way...)

  2. P.S. That skate park video was, like, WICKED.

  3. Dear Stanley, You are looking a little thin. Two dimensional even. I think hearty French food would have done you good.

  4. Another trip?? Whatever!

  5. I so need to catch up on the minor characters in this epic!


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