Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Contemplations of a Runner

Panathenaic amphora
ca. 530 B.C.
Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter

© The Metropolitan Museum of Art


I don't want to do this.

It's on my training schedule.

I wish my trainers weren't pink.

Does it ever get easier?

Another wolf whistle. Sigh.

I can't do this.

Sarah did it so I can do it.

I'm running faster than a sofa.

I'm running faster than I used to.

I wish I didn't go red.

I've done it.

Same again tomorrow.


I'm 'fessing up here...

I find running hard
but I force myself to do it.
I have decided that I am in it
for the long term.

One step at a time.


  1. Wow! Running! Now that's something worth admiring . . . I am at the walking stage and think I shall probably be there the rest of my life. There are days when walking for me is like running for you, I can only think about it . . . one step at a time. Especially when the daytime temperature is 96 with 80% humidity, summer until October, maybe November You go, Lady, just keep puttin' one foot in front of the other !

  2. Well done you! Goodness me - I must confess i've always wanted to train up for a marathon but find the whole "red face, sweating and nearly throwing up" side effects quite the challenge... I have become more of a speed walker as a result .... hang in there - I'm told it DOES get easier... and that you actually miss it if you stop. Perhaps a power playlist on the old pod would help? Gloria... Walking on Sunshine... Girls Just Wanna have fun? xx

  3. I'm doing the same thing. Music and pod casts are great distractions - want to trade play lists?

    What else is on your training schedule?

  4. you're still getting wolf whistles so the sight can't be all bad! We are feeling very inspired by your efforts..

  5. Once you can run comfortably for half an hour, it starts to get easier and even dare I say it enjoyable. Hang on in there, and think about the great effect it's having on your bone density (doesn't sound too thrilling, but if you know anyone with osteoporosis you'll know the difference it can make)

  6. Sounds horrible! Personally I think walking is just as effective an exercise, but I'm full of admiration for you.

  7. Gosh, I admire your determination. I find I go for a long time fitting in some sort of exersize every day than something happens to put me off course and it takes me weeks to start again. I don't run, but walking here on all these hills can leave me red!

  8. Running is very dull but the effort does allow you to eat copious amounts of cake without adding to the width of one's waist. This is the thought that keeps me going.

  9. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing. "Running faster than the sofa" that just makes me laugh and laugh(thank you). I'll remember that when I'm out there huffing and puffing my way through it. Then I'll start laughing. And won't be able to run anymore.

  10. Here's one thing I can't do.

  11. At least you have the choice, walking is a trial now for me. My daughter runs and has recently completed a half marathon, she started from scratch so you can do it too.

  12. I am disappointed to read this.
    I still admire you, though.

    I walk every place I can.
    No running for me.

  13. It does get easier...and before you know it (well, maybe slightly longer) you find you actually enjoy it :)

  14. In a fit of madness one year, I joined some colleagues in the Running Sisters - we did a fast walk, actually. I ot shin splints, and my friend's husband asked me whether I was enjoying it, I said no, he said 'I give you permission to stop' so I did. But I admire you and your persistence. Well done, and what ever reason you are running for, I hope it works for you.

  15. Thank you. For reminding me why i'm never going to go running. Ever.

  16. Wolf whistles? Can't be bad.


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